TRO advocates help us spread the word about our series as a whole, individual episodes, and our podcast, in exchange for early, exclusive access to content and a bunch of other great perks! Apply here.
We are opening 10 spaces for TRO Advocates - We'd love to hear why you should be one of them!
Tell Us Why!
Hello! I'm Ivy :)  What's your name (first and last, please)? *

How much do you love story? *

Have you been following the Remarkable Ones Series? What do you think about it?

We lovingly call it TRO from now on - to keep it short and sweet!
What is the single biggest reason why would you like to become a TRO Advocate? *

There are three main roles that we'll be asking of our series Advocates. We'd love to hear where you feel you can best contribute.

For each question, please rate how much you'd enjoy the role and be able to deliver at a high level.
Sharing new episodes and trailers when they launch.

We need help spreading these across all social media channels

Write a review of the episode and share on social media, your blog, a forum etc. Wherever you can get eyes on it!

Share new podcast episodes with your network and leave a rating/review on iTunes

Are you willing and able to do all of the above?

Anything else we should know about this? Maybe you don't use Facebook, hate writing reviews, or conversely, perhaps you have a blog with 100k followers and know you'll blow us away! Explain here.
Of course, we want this to be a symbiotic relationship. We're not all take and no give! 

In exchange for sharing each episode of the series and the podcast, as well as a review, you'll get :

Early and exclusive access to all TRO content, a free course, and an e-book download. We'll also feature your bio on our TRO website and share it across all of our social media channels. 

Does that sound like a fair deal to you?

If you already have that course, let us know, and we'll work something out for you!
That's it. You're done!

Do you have a website, facebook page or blog etc. that you can direct us to?

Thank you for taking the time to apply and for your willingness to support our series! With your help, we can bring Season Two to life! We'll be reviewing applications as we receive them and will notify you of your application's status asap :)
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