As part of the application process, we want to get to know you personally. Understanding your background, your interests, and your goals is essential for us to make this a truly transformative experience.

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First, we'd like to know who we're talking to! What's your name? *

First and last please!
Thanks for the introduction! This first set of questions will help us gather some context and background to the kind of work you typically do.

So, super simple—where in the world are you currently based? *

Easy peasy. Now, which filmmaking role do you most often find yourself in? *

Just focus on your current projects for now; we understand these might not reflect the direction you plan to move toward in the future.

How would you rate your skills in that role? *

And how many years of experience do you have in that role? *

Have you ever started a Muse course, or attended one of our workshops, before? *

About how far did you make it through Muse? Or which workshop did you attend? *

What other filmmaking education or technical skills training do you have outside of Muse? *

List any education or special training you have that's specific to storytelling or film here please!
Which role would you MOST WANT to fill on a Muse Film School shoot? *

Feel free to choose the same role you usually fill, but if you're eager to try something new, let us know!

What's your second choice? *

And third runner up? *

Are you willing to travel to a shoot? *

There are payment plans that include travel costs, as well as payment plans in which travel will be your own financial responsibility. This includes airfare and hotels. Every participant will be responsible for their own food and on-the-ground transportation costs.
We have selected 5 different locations for each team's shoot. We think it's best that you let us choose your team and location, based on where we think your skills and personality will most shine, and the level of challenge we think you're up to, however, there is an option to choose your shoot location. Which would you like? *

Okay, great! Which story location would you like? *

If you could choose one location for a future Muse Film School shoot, where would it be? *

Great! Now we'll move into the more exciting questions. Reflecting on where you are now, and where you want to go. To begin, how would you rate your current storytelling ability? *

1 = Beginner, 5 = Kung Fu Master

In 2-3 sentences, can you tell us about your favorite project you've ever worked on (so far!) *

What made this project so incredible?
Amazing! Thanks for sharing. Now when it comes to stories about real people, what kinds of stories attract you the most? *

For example, perhaps you love stories about entrepreneurs, stories about extreme atheletes, stories of advocacy, or perhaps you're fascinated by stories that let you experience another culture.
Great stuff. Now, this is a big one. If you had to boil it down to just one sentence, what is your single biggest storytelling conflict—the single biggest challenge in what you do? *

And let's push that one step further. If you had to boil it down to just one sentence, what's the single biggest thing you hope to take away from this experience? *

We know it's difficult, but getting super specific with your goals is HUGE for us to be able to reach them.
What aspect of Muse Film School are you MOST excited for? *

Is it the group project? The mentorship? The weekly webinars? The business side of working with clients? etc.
And do you have any concerns or fears that you would like to communicate to your coach going into this?

You can skip this question if you're feeling confident.
We really appreciate your thoughtful insights. Before we move this conversation to the phone, we'd love to see a sample of your work. Connect us with a link to your website, vimeo channel, etc. here.

If you don't have one, just skip to the next question.
And we're especially interested in viewing one project that you're particularly proud of here. *

Please submit a link to your work AND indicate what production role you played in creating it.
Finally, what's the best phone number to reach you at?

This is so we can follow-up with you after reviewing your application. We won't call you for any other reason.
Yahoo! Anything else you'd like to add before we let you go?


Someone from the Muse Team will follow up with you shortly.
They'll be reading all of your answers, and reviewing your sample work, so we can make sure Muse Film School is a great fit for you!

We're glad you're here. :)
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